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Medical Compliance Survey

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Compliance (also referred to as adherence) to medical instructions is a major obstacle to efficacy of health care delivery. Usually associated with prescription drugs, compliance can also refer to following orders regarding exercise, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, addiction management, and other therapies.

Common barriers to compliance often include::

The most common means to determine compliance when the patient is not in continuous care of a health care worker is a self-completed or doctor/nurse-assisted compliance survey. A series of questions asking if the patient completed all medicine, adhered to exercise standards, diet, or similar prescribed therapies. These surveys will sometimes also include questions about support systems, such as friends and family, the patient may have that would influence compliance.

Depending on the patient and the complexity of the issue being treated, some health care professionals prefer to give out a very simple form consisting of only a few questions that get to the point. Others health care professionals may need to provide a more advanced survey, especially for specific diagnoses such as pain management, diabetes, hypertension, and more. The health care provider would need to determine the best compliance form for the right patient.

A web survey the patient can complete at home or a scannable form completed in the exam room are two great ways to deliver a compliance survey. SurveyTracker can help you produce and distribute such surveys, with data collection and reporting of the results all in one package.