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Obtaining reliable consumer/patient opinions about health care providers is not always reliable. Different health care providers use different tools to measure this information, making it difficult to create a standard or obtain comparative data. For this reason, the US government Department of Health & Human Services has established the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS).

CAHPS is a multi-year initiative designed to support and promote surveys and assessments related to the patient experience when receiving care. The ultimate goal is to develop standard patient surveys that can be used to compare results across sponsors over time.

CAHPS consists of a variety of surveys in areas that are important to consumers, with a focus on issues that consumers are best qualified to assess, such as their interactions with doctors and nurses and availability of health care options.

A major addition to CAHPS is the Hospital CAHPS (HCAHPS). This is a more extensive series of surveys with the broad goal of producing comparable data on patient's perspectives on care specifically provided by hospitals.

Some of the areas in which CAHPS has generated surveys include:

Organizations seeking to conduct surveys in these groups can make use of web or scannable form surveys that can be designed and distributed in SurveyTracker for faster and easier data collection and analysis. The surveys are available at the CAHPS website and can be entered into SurveyTracker.

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